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Over 40 years of industry experience producing high quality products means that Quickfit have the experience to deliver just what our customers need – at a price that’s right. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround of all types of stillages and cages and our customers appreciate our reliability and standard of service.

At our UK-based factory we use British Steel to create our top quality stillages. Our experienced engineers create products that last and all our stillages come with a 5 year guarantee.

As well as our range of standard-sized stillages, we also create bespoke, custom-size stillages for many customers. We work closely with our clients during the design process and ensure that they get a product that suits their needs, and their budget!

Call us on 01274 595127 or email quickfit@btinternet.com to discuss your stillage requirements – you will find us friendly and helpful.


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What are stillages?

A stillage is a metal pallet, usually with a cage or extra supports to securely store or transport items. The sides can be a cage or mesh and offer support for the contents of the stillage so material is held securely. This also means that weighty material is stored safely and prevents damage to the materials and reduces risk to personnel. Quickfit stillages are made with top quality UK steel and we offer both a price-match promise and manufacturers guarantee.

Steel stillages (also called post pallets) are ideal for separating goods during storage or production. For example moving them around the factory floor. Quickfit stillages can benefit your business by reducing the time it takes to transport, load and unload your product either in your (or your customer’s) warehouse. Stillages may also be fitted with castors to enable easy movement.

View our trolley stillages with castors >>

Frequently stillages are designed with channels so that either a forklift or a pallet jack can be used to efficiently meet their main purpose of separating, storing and safely carrying goods in the yard, warehouse and factory. This also means that because Quickfit British steel stillages are designed to your specification they can be manufactured to be stackable, enabling you to make maximum use of the space available.

A steel mesh surrounding a metal stillage not only protects the stored goods but also means they can easily be seen and identified. These sides may be fixed or removeable. View our range of cage/mesh stillages

The supporting posts may also be fixed or demountable. Having removable sides turns the stillage into a post pallet and if the sides are both fixed and solid the result is a sheet stillage or storage bin.

Frequently stillages are designed with forklift channels to be attached to forklifts or pallet jacks to efficiently meet their main purpose of separating, storing and safely carrying goods in the yard, warehouse and factory. This also means that because Quickfit British steel stillages are designed to your specification they can be manufactured to be stackable enabling you to make maximum use of the space available.

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What types of stillages are there?

Stillage systems can be any size or shape you need and there are many different options for customisation so you get the correct stillage for the job. The Quickfit team of experienced craftsmen can design and manufacture whatever you need in their UK factory.  As we frequently say:

You dream it - we'll build it >>

Available options for our Steel Stillages include:

  • fixed post or demountable (removable posts)
  • static or mobile (with castors)
  • open, solid, caged or mesh sides
  • open top (bin stillages) or closed top (box stillages)
  • many colour options
  • cross bars for extra strength
  • full or half fronts
  • drop fronts
  • openable doors
  • vertical partitions to keep items upright
  • horizontal shelves for extra storage
  • colour coded inserts for ease of use
  • forklift channels for ease of transport
  • foldable ramp for very heavy goods
View our full range of steel post pallet stillages >>

As you can see, the many options available mean that we can create the perfect steel stillage for your needs.

The options you choose might depend on the weight of the goods to be stored, the size and shape of goods, whether the goods need to be moved around the warehouse, whether they need to be frequently accessed etc.

Quickfit steel stillages can be built to your exact specification. They may be fitted with cross bars for extra strength, drop front doors, shelves or partitions and they can be colour coded to improve the efficiency of the storage and handling of the goods. Depending on your requirements you may need forklift channels and the design may enable significant stacking of the stillages.

  • Fast turnaround – we won’t be beaten on turnaround time or price!

What size/shape of Stillage can be made?

The base dimensions of an individual stillage are usually measured from corner post to corner post and the height from ground to the top of the post.  Common sizes of length and width are 1,200 mm and 1,000 mm respectively, but Quickfit frequently manufacture stillages to suit our clients warehouse or lorry sizes so that storage  and transportation efficiency is maximised.

We also often work with our clients to produce bespoke/custom stillages to suit their needs exactly. Sometimes this can be a small adaptation of a standard stillage, and sometimes this can be a completely custom metal stillage with many of the options listed above – creating an ideal stillage to maximise cost effectiveness.

Quickfit British steel stillages are manufactured to your size requirements in their UK factory. The design team have over 40 years experience in the industry and can advise on sizing and structure to meet your specific requirements. Our custom stillage service is appreciated by many repeat clients, and our versatility, fast turnaround time and skilled team of craftsmen mean you get a well priced, quickly delivered, high quality product.

Why use steel stillages rather than aluminium or wooden pallets?

Steel stillages are preferred by Quickfit steel stillage customers for several reasons. Steel stillages are more durable and long lasting. Over time they are also more cost effective than wooden pallets.  Steel provides secure protection for goods over countless uses and requires minimum maintenance. In addition steel stillages are much more versatile and Quickfit steel stillages are available in a wide array of sizes and styles designed to meet you specific needs and requirements. Aluminium stillages generally are of standard size and are not as durable.

What can be stored in stillages?

Steel stillages are used to transport and store a very wide range of goods across various industries. They are commonly used in the manufacturing sector to store raw materials, finished goods and work-in-progress. In the logistics industry, steel stillages are used to store and transport products such as food, beverages, consumer goods and electrical equipment.

In any situation where ease of movement and the protection of the goods is important, Quickfit steel stillages, designed by the in house team and manufactured in the UK factory from British steel, can provide a bespoke solution that perfectly meets customer needs. Savings of time and money can be shown by using steel stillages in almost every business sector.

Products as diverse as scaffolding, motorbikes, reels, rolls of fabric, and sheets of glass have all been stored and transported in Quickfit steel stillages designed specifically for purpose by the in in-house team at our UK manufacturing centre.

Custom steel stillages >>

What shapes can stillages be?

Our steel stillages have been designed to store and transport a wide range of goods of all shapes and sizes over our forty years of manufacturing. Our experienced and friendly team will work with you at the design phase, and then manufacture your bespoke/custom steel stillages.

View our Gallery to see just some of the types of stillages we have created.

Common shapes include frame, post, box, sheet steel, mesh, collapsable, lidded and A-frame. We are happy to adapt our standard stillages or work with your design to meet your specific requirements.

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Why use a Quickfit steel stillage?

Using a Quickfit steel stillage storage and transportation system gives many benefits. These include safety, ease of handling, mobility, efficiency, space saving and durability. All of these add up to significant savings in terms of time and cost.

Safety is often underrated in terms of cost saving. With stillages the chance of accidents with goods falling and either causing injury or being damaged is greatly reduced. Stability is a key deliverable especially when goods differ in shape or size or are heavy and need to be safely contained for efficient storage and transport. You no longer need to worry about the consequences of goods becoming loose, rolling or falling during transportation.

All aspects of ease of handling, storage and transportation add up to significant cost savings. Quickfit metal stillages give you this cost saving and reduction in worry. They are UK manufactured from British steel at our UK factory. They can be either fixed post or demountable, static or moveable on cators that are optionally lockable. Quickfit can provide steel stillages that are open sided, have solid or mesh sides and are open topped or closed.

Quickfit is a family business and pride ourselves on working with our clients to ensure they get the perfect stillage for their needs. We offer a fast turnaround and won’t be beaten on price – ask about our 5 year price match guarantee.

Our stillages can be adapted or designed to meet your specific requirements and our experienced and friendly team has over forty years experience in the design and delivery of effective and efficient systems

What else do you do?

Steel Scaffold Towers

We also manufacture Steel Scaffold Towers (access towers) and have 40 years experience in the business. We offer a range of standard towers at excellent prices – our Price Match Guarantee applies to all our scaffold towers as well as our stillages. All of our access towers can be customised so you can be sure that you get exactly the tower you need for your job.

Call us with any questions – our friendly team will be happy to help

Access Towers for DIY

Our extra strong steel access towers can be used for all sorts of domestic internal or external DIY projects such as roofing, painting, rendering and property maintenance.

We use top quality British Steel to ensure a superior product and the extra strong 2” steel tube gives increased strength and a long lasting product.

Buy a scaffold tower >>

Bespoke/Custom work

Because we are so experienced in the field and have produced such a wide variety of products from steel, we can offer a comprehensive custom manufacturing service. Here are just some examples of our other endeavours

  • Mobile access steps
  • Children’s climbing frames
  • Large tree planters
  • Decking framework
  • Suspended ceiling grid framework
  • Metal shelving
You dream it - we'll build it >>